Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nintendo Knitters Rule

While I wait for my shipment of yarn to arrive Monday or Tuesday, I've been searching the web for cool Nintendo knitting out there on the web. I think these people deserve as much attention as I've gotten, because, hey, they did it first! This post doesn't cover nearly all the cool stuff that's out there and I'm sure you will all post comments with more stuff, but here are a few things I've been sent and have found.

  • Super Mario Felted Bag: Felted handbag showing the end of level 1-1 of Super Mario Brothers. They also used Cascade 220 and made a list of the colors they used (I need to do that, too!)
  • Chain Chomp Hat: Considering the Chain Chomp is spherical, this is perfect for a hat.
  • Goomba Hat: My boyfriend asked me to knit this for him, too. Maybe when I get time off I'll whip it up because it's so cool. They have a great graphical pattern on the site so you can make it, too!
  • Super Mario Character Scarf: This knitter included a lot of Super Mario characters in this scarf. Very cool.
  • Nintendo Baby Blanket: Oh man, this is a tough one. Makes me want a little nerdy baby to snuggle in this blanket. (By the way, have you seen any of the Level 1 Human onesie?)
  • Mike Tyson's Punch-Out Scarf: This chick made this awesome scarf with a pixelated Mike Tyson. All your nerdz0rs can drool over her Goomba tshirt underneath, too. (Yikes, I originally wrote TKO on here, but let me correct it before all you l337 hax0rs get on my case about getting the name right!)
I've been thinking about getting another tattoo lately. Either nerdy or crafty, can't decide. I'll probably end up getting multiple tattoos in the future because I have a lot of ideas. Definitely something Nintendo-related (maybe to commemorate this scarf) or a drop spindle for my love of spinning yarn. Anyone reading this blog have a nerdy or crafty tattoo? I'd love to see it and make a post about these kinds of tattoos next week. Email me a pic and some background and I'll pick a few to post.


Anonymous said...

Those projects are all great, I loved that baby blanket and I'd kill for a goomba hat! Your scarf is coming along so nice too!

There's a guy here, I saw his pic in my local tat shop where I get my work done, he has a really cool bowser tattoo on his calf, its 3D too :-)

Oh yeah, I'm a Kotaku freak, I saw you featured there and had to come visit - good luck and keep up the awesome work!

Cassie said...

That Kotaku thread is hilarious- my boyfriend posted on it and he's in Japan right now. So funny.

The Bowser tattoo makes me think of the 'The Whitest Kids U Know' tattoo scene... Google image search bowser tattoo and look at the first thing that comes up.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That tat is hilarious! Kotaku is having a blast with that thread. I'm glad they're playing nice, you've put a lot of hard work into that :-)

I'm gonna keep an eye over here, you're pretty neat!

Mary said...

Have you seen the Princess Leia knitted hat?

Or am I just a different type of nerd? Maybe geek?

Cassie said...

Mary- I LOVE the Princess Leia hat. I started one awhile back but never finished.