Saturday, August 16, 2008

Biding My Time

I'm still here, promise. Things haven't been too busy and I've actual had a couple of days vacation while the family I nanny for this summer is out of town. A wonderful woman name Angelika is helping me match my yarn at her shop and while I wait on that, I've been working on other projects and enjoying my time off.

Went to a Braves game with my dad on Thursday. We lost horribly to the Cubs, but we had great seats above third base and enjoyed some baseball stadium hot dogs.

The Cubs' pitcher hit one of the Braves players and a huge fight almost broke out on the field. I've never seen Bobby Cox hustle so fast from the dugout. I didn't even think that man could run.

I broke out the Gocco printer the other night. I'd been saving the last screen I had for a great idea and I finally got one. I found a great image online of hands doing a a knit stitch and decided to make some stationery. I'm still learning how to do layers with the Gocco, but I'm getting better.

This is how the cards turned out. Not bad, eh? Of course I bought green and blue cards to use because everything I make these days ends up being green or blue. Avocado green is one of my all-time favorite colors.

I also tested out Gocco's Riso ink on Shrinky Dink plastic. It smells a little while it's cooking, but it worked just fine. My test was done on clear Shrinky Dink plastic, but I printed about 8 more images on opaque white to shrink tomorrow on my last day off.

Here's one of the blue cards I made with the Shrinky Dink version. Love this color blue.

I also got the chance this week to continue work on the sock yarn I've been spinning. I bought all this fiber back in May and having been working on this on and off since. Here's what it looks like after stretching out for a few weeks.

Mmm, twisty goodness!

And this is the bag made from Noro wool that I plan to felt tomorrow. I looooove the wonderful stripey colors in Noro yarns. I already made my boyfriend socks from their line of sock yarns and he really likes the stripes, too. I can't wait to see how this bag turns out.


San Smith said...

How are you doing your gocco? (and you should show me how you got it to line up nicely!) I've been doing all drawings with the pen they provided and I find it can be kinda fuzzy... :( Your print looks so nice! Are you using the pen or did you use a photo copy??

Cassie said...

I printed the image from my home printer and burned the screen. I did that with my last print and it turned out really nice. I only took pictures of the good ones. I did four or five others that aren't lined up as well.

Anonymous said...

Those note cards are too neat! I love the image you used. :-)

Anonymous said...

All these projects look amazing! You are quite the talented person.

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