Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things I'm Thinking About This Morning

With the huge response I got on the LiveJournal group craftgrrl, I think I have a responsibility to make this the most awesome scarf that ever was. Cooler than the binary message scarf I started last year. But it makes me freak out a little, too, and I started stressing over a few things this morning before I head off to work.

Why didn't I knit the scarf in a fingering or sock weight? Then it's be nice and small and not the massive behemoth I have to haul around. It would be easier to manage the intarsia without heavy balls of yarn dangling off the back and the screw ups would be less noticeable.

The new color I got for the blue sky is really off. Yipes. Do I frog it and order the right color online or do I keep going with the new color? Picture posted soon so you can all see what I'm talking about.

But in lighter thoughts, I think I'm going to post some of my other geek projects later this morning or afternoon. Geek craft permeates a lot of what I make. I hardly make things for myself and most of the time I want to make something awesome for my boyfriend. And since his level of geekery surpasses that of most, I'm always trying to one up (no pun intended) myself and come up with better projects.

Sadly though since I started my summer job, I've been too busy/tired to knit much. I've been spinning yarn like a champ, but diving into a knitting project is so unappealing most of the time. I nanny ten hours a day and get about a one and a half to two hour break when both of the kids are sleeping in the afternoon. That's my time to eat lunch and chill and most of the time I end up taking a nap, too. So having the concentration and energy needed to knit anything intricate is a challenge. But I think with the motivation Jason gave me this week, I don't think I'll put off working on this scarf.

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