Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Trip to the LYS

My favorite Atlanta knitting shop Knitch is having a huge sale this weekend. I ran out of the blue I'm using in the sky (Cascade 220 brand) so I clipped off a little bit of the end and took it with me to the sale. I also can't find my white skein so I was hoping to get that, too (I can't believe how much stuff I misplaced in our move to the new house!).

I went straight to the store's Cascade section and behold, none of the blue I needed or any white. Jason helped me find a similar color blue and the woman at the shop said either Knitch or Cascade was discontinuing the shade I've been using. Considering where I'm at in the scarf and how much farther I have to go, a slight shade change probably won't make a huge difference. But I'm still skeptical. I haven't started with the new color yet, but I took some pictures by the window to gauge the color difference.

It's definitely different. But not outrageously different. Different enough to notice, but still works for the color of the sky. I don't know... I'm picky about colors and details, but Jason said he thought it will work. Hope so... I bought five skeins of it!

Here are pics from last night with Jason helping out as a model.

Oh Lordy, this thing is already really long... and I'm not even a third of the way in yet!

I've gotten to the first major jump in the level. See the hole on the right?


nathalie said...

i've added your blog to my google reader. keep the scarf goin'. it's looking awesome!

rin said...

it's going to curl in at the sides :(

Janice Neitzey said...

To keep it from curling, at each end you should place a knit stitch and on the alternate row you should place a purl stitch. This will keep the ends flat. Wonderful project!!!

Cassie said...

Also, blocking will help with the curling. I'm going to block it in sections over a long period of time. Janice, your suggestion would work for the sky portion, but I'm stranding two colors on the bottom. Do you think it would help there?

t00ley said...

thats awesome keep it up.

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hiroumi said...

It's great!
I introduced your nice scarf on my blog (written in japanese).
Keep goin'!