Friday, August 8, 2008

Atlanta Meet Up

By no means do I feel qualified to start something like this, but if there's interest, why not?

I received a few emails about meeting up in Atlanta somewhere in the next week or so. My work schedule is kind of crazy at the moment, but I am free on Sunday afternoon. We could meet up in my neighborhood of East Atlanta. Someone suggested Joe's Coffee and I think it's the perfect spot.

Let me preface all this by saying, crazy stalkers stay away! The worst thing about anonymity is that people don't know you, don't know what you look like or act like and sort of, make up their version of who you are and get a little carried away. I worked in radio (WRAS, if you're an Atlantan) for four years and it never ceased to amaze me how people would project some kind of image onto me. One guy even said he liked to imagine me in lingerie during one of my shows, eek!. Seriously, anyone who knits such a geeky project as I is surely not fodder for stalking, so don't be a creep .

But if you're cool, please come! Let's say around 2-2:30ish on Sunday? I need to grab lunch beforehand and have enough time to get over there from my morning job. You'll know who I am- short geeky-looking girl with a giant yarn mess in a bag. Yes, I will pull out the scarf to its entire length and yes, you can touch it. (Okay, now I'm getting creepy!) Bring your needles/hooks if you care to and a few bucks for the best coffee in town. Oh, and sometimes they have peanut butter pie.


Mary said...

Now you're just making me wish I lived in Atlanta.

JLunsford said...

If I think I'm cool enough to come doesn't that immediately disqualify me? The nature of the freakish is that they believe their jokes are funny and that everyone wants to be around them.
Maybe its a god thing I live in Phoenix and couldn't make it anyway.
My head hurts a little now. Time for a nap.

JLunsford said...

Sorry, not a god thing. A good thing. Religious people please don't take shots at me for that.

Cassie said...

I'm confused... I guess I should've been more specific and just said all non-stalkers come.

Zlist said...

I used to work in radio, too. I had a caller/stalker who liked to tell me that all of the Pearl Jam songs were about him. One time I played Sinead O'Connor's "This is the Last Day of Our Acquaintance" at the end of my shift. The next day, he called and asked if I was mad at him...he thought the song was a message.


I'm featuring your fabulous scarf on Lime & Violet's Daily Chum. Good luck with it!!

Cassie said...

Zlist- The station has this dude that calls ALL THE TIME (even in the middle of the night) to ask the DJs what kind of shoes they have on. Creeptastic.