Thursday, August 7, 2008

To frog or not to frog?

In honor of all the brouhaha brought upon by the Internet today, and because I don't have to get up at 5 AM for work in the morning, I decided to pour myself a snakebite, which consists of half beer of your choice (in my case, Sam Adams Summer Ale) and half hard cider (Woodchuck Granny Smith Draft Cider). Naturally or such an occasion as this, I used the geek glass I got for my boyfriend. It's a shame, but this is the only picture I could take in my craft room without an insane mess in the background.

Enough beverage discussion, let's get down to business, shall we?

Charlie-cat says, "Stop reading blog comments and fetch me some tuna, woman!"

Here's a better picture of where I'm at and how different the two blues are. I really hate the new color. Okay, I don't hate it and I'll probably use it for something else, but it's really quite embarrassing. The first color matches the actual color blue in the game so well. I'm on a mission to find the original blue somewhere on the interwebs and order it. I was debating whether or not to frog (rip it... rippit, rippit- sounds like a frog) all the new blue, but now I know I need to. It's just... not right.

Tomorrow it's off to Knitch to match the yellow for the question blocks and to get more white for clouds. Getting all this attention and not being able to work on this scarf is maddening.

And for a great geeky friend Allison who wanted to see what the back looks like, here ya go:

Other random things, hello to people in and around Atlanta! One blogger, Glue & Glitter, said she kinda wants to meet me. Well, hey girl! Let's start a geek-knitting circle in the ATL!

I attempted to measure the damn thing tonight and it came to approximately 99 inches long up to the line with the new blue. That's a little over 8 feet long! Holy mother...

Again, thanks to all the posts around the net (I did a little Google search earlier). It's so exciting to have people following this and cheering me on, but seriously, no pressure or anything, right?


Liz said...

hi cassie. that is such an amazing project you have there! a little insane, but i have no doubt it will look freakin' sweeeeeeet! keep doing what you're doing =)

Renee said...

We're all watching yoooouuuuu *creepy wiggly fingers*

:D This is one heck of a project you've taken on! Best of luck!

Nancy said...

Wow. I linked to your blog from Jezebel, and as a fellow geek/knitter, I am IMPRESSED. Keep up the great knitting!

Also, I know what you mean about those blues not matching...even though he says it doesn't matter... as a perfectionist, I understand that it does. Good luck finding the right color.

shaun said...

Awesome. I found your blog via GoNintendo. The scarf is wonderful. Sadly I'm no knitter but take joy in such 'geeky' nintendo craftiness.

Glue&Glitter said...

Hi! I actually don't even know how to knit, but hit me up if you want to come to a craft nite! My girlfriends and I try to throw one or two a month!

Cassie said...

Glue & Glitter: Craft afternoon at Joe's Coffee at 2 pm tomorrow!