Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally, pictures!

As I mentioned last night, the pics today show my "beauty and the beast" method of hauling around my scarf materials. My mom gave me this beautiful Amy Butler knitting bag last Christmas and it alone is pretty hefty. It's gorgeous, though. I'm a huge fan of aqua blue and light green.

What a yummy looking swirl.

But wait! What is THAT? A plastic freezer bag?? GAHHH! It's amazing how much one can fit into one of those things. Early last year I organized by separating my projects into these big plastic freezer bags. But the Mario Scarf grew, and grew, and grew...

Holy guacamole. This is sad.

Here's the color yellow I can't find. We moved into our new house in late May and some of my craft supplies seem to have gone missing... And new rule for myself: never take pictures at night with fake lighting. Blech!

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